Useful Backpacks and How to Use Them

Backpacks are very popular these days as they are often easier to travel with than a briefcase or a carry-on bag. However useful backpacks may be, they should be worn with care as wearing one the wrong way can do as much harm (e.g. back, neck and shoulder problems) as carrying a heavy shoulder bag.

Even the most functional backpacks should not be worn low on the back or using one strap over the shoulder; that defeats the object. Adjust the straps so that they can be worn high on the back and always use both straps. Kids’ backpacks often have a waist strap which helps keep the pack in place and prevents the load swaying around. Never put too much heavy stuff in kids’ backpacks.

Which Backpack?

There are thousands of styles of backpacks to choose from and almost as many uses. You can get hiking backpacks, camera backpacks and laptop backpacks to name just a few and they usually have different features.

Hiking backpacks , often combined with camping backpacks can carry up to 80 litres; a pack this large would normally have an internal frame to support it and distribute the weight for easier carrying. This Mountaintop backpack is water resistant with a separate waterproof cover, has tool attachment points so that camping and climbing equipment can be carried as well.

Artist backpacks are extremely useful if you want to paint or draw en plein aire. Some artist backpacks are large enough to incorporate a drawing board or portfolio, but this smaller Heritage Traveler Backpack includes a great selection of artists’ materials so you have no excuse not to get painting.


Picnic backpacks are really useful if you want to take your picnic a distance from your vehicle. This fabulous Wine Picnic Backpack Set for Four includes everything you’ll need for a meal with wine, with even a cheese board and a waterproof fleece blanket; you’ll need to provide the food and wine though.

Solar charger backpacks have a solar panel to which you can attach your GPS or phone so are useful for hiking,

Hydration backpacks incorporate a water bladder with drinking tube plus enough room for personal possessions such as keys, wallet and phone. These are ideal for runners or cyclists.

You can even get useful backpacks specially designed for archery, carrying musical instruments, school books, pets, laptops and tablets.

There are dozens of cool and usual backpacks to choose from so browse around Useful Backpacks and you’re sure to find the most useful backpack for you!


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